Hire A Bankruptcy Preparing Paralegal Professional?

Should I Hire A Paralegal To Prepare My Bankruptcy Documents?

Many people think to themselves, hey, I can file my bankruptcy myself. Then they begin the task of completing the necessary bankruptcy paperwork, soon to realize that the task is more daunting than they previously thought. So they think, okay, but I could hire a paralegal to complete this paperwork for me, and I would simply provide them the details. By doing this, I could avoid the fees charged by a bankruptcy attorney, but still have the expertise of a paralegal.

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If you are a resident of the city of New York and are considering a Paralegal to complete your Bankruptcy Petition, we urge you to use caution. For the first part, be careful not to provide such a preparer a fee for consulting. Sometimes these bankruptcy paralegal preparing professionals will accept the fee, then tell you that you should hire a lawyer. Having already accepted and made use of the fee, they essentially pass the buck back to you and you’re left still needing an attorney.

Beware of Hiring A Bankruptcy Paralegal To File Your Paperwork in New York City

In the case that a paralegal actually does prepare your bankruptcy petition, we also urge you to proceed carefully, and with extreme caution. Many bankruptcy trustees view the preparation of a petition for bankruptcy in New York State as practicing law. Hence, hiring a paralegal to prepare your petition would amount to practicing law in the absence of a license to do so. Your bankruptcy case could even be thrown out of the system with serious charges leveled against your paralegal.

This is one of the many reasons which prompt paralegals not to allow their own names on your bankruptcy petition. If their name is not on the petition, and there ever were a requirement to make changes to the petition, or amend the petition in any way, you will be left to your own devices because the preparer is long gone and not on the hook for anything. In a similar vein, paralegals typically go out of business quickly because bankruptcy trustees sue them.

Of course, when someone is truly in need of legal help, the prospect of having a paralegal complete your paperwork might feel relieving. However, doing so could just risk you facing serious consequences. And if so, you may bring undue attention on yourself and be required under oath to testify that this paralegal is indeed the person who did prepare your bankruptcy petition. And lying under oath holds serious consequences.

If you do need Bankruptcy, and you do want experienced and affordable bankruptcy legal help and representation, contact our office to obtain your free legal consultation. We can help you determine if you qualify to have your debts legally, entirely erased.